The “G. Moretti” City Archaeological Museum was set up in the episcopal residence in Castello al Monte. It is named after and dedicated to prominent San Severino-born architect Giuseppe Moretti, who played the role of superintendent of Rome and Lazio region between the 1930s and 1940s.

The exposition consists of four sections, each featuring a different historical period.

The first section gathers artifacts belonging to the Pascucci Collection dating between the Palaeolithic and the Bronze Age.

The second section, dedicated to the Picenum period, is the richest of the museum, displaying objects from the Necropolises in Pitino, Fustellano and Monte Penna.

The third is dedicated to the Roman Age, with relics from the ancient city of Septempeda.

Lastly, the fourth section focuses on the Medieval period, and includes objects found during the excavations in the Castello al Monte monumental complex.

The combined ticket includes the entrance to the Feronia Theatre, the “G. Moretti” Archaeological Museum, the “Tacchi Venturi” Art Gallery and the “Borgo Conce” Museums.