San Severino Marche Musei and authentic experiences

San Severino Marche Experience

A combined ticket which includes a special tour of the “Feronia” Theatre, the “G. Moretti” Archaeological Museum, the “Tacchi Venturi” Art Gallery and the “Borgo Conce” Museums. For groups and individuals.

Do you want to dive into the history of San Severino Marche and live an out of the ordinary experience?

Take part in an exciting hunt for the town's treasures in the footsteps of Severino da San Severino, a 17th-century treasure hunter and lover of magic.

Art treasures




  • Piazza del Popolo
  • 1 Feronia Theatre
  • 2 “Borgo Conce” Museums
  • 3 “Tacchi Venturi” Art Gallery
  • 4 “G. Moretti” Archaeological Museum

Discover the experiences to live in the Hospitable Marche region

San Severino Marche is a treasure chest overflowing with precious gems, waiting to be discovered.

Do not miss your chance to take a selfie with the stunning Piazza del Popolo in the background. Considered one of the most beautiful squares in the Marche region, it is characterised by a peculiar elliptical shape, a noteworthy architectural unity, and an airy colonnade. A visit to the Feronia Theatre is also unmissable.

Take a stroll among the narrow alleys of the historical centre, where you will encounter delightful sights, churches rich in art and ancient palaces. Quench your thirst and whet your appetite by savouring the local authentic recipes along with a refreshing glass of D.O.C. wine.


The best way to enjoy the assets of this land is to embark on unique experiences that will help you discover the local flavours and artisan traditions. Thanks to its enchanting landscapes, San Severino is perfectly suited to walks in nature and cycling tours. Embark on the discovery of castles, fortresses and archaeological sites surrounded by luxuriant nature.

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San Severino Marche

Percorso fascinoso

Una passeggiata per scoprire alcuni dei luoghi più belli della città di San Severino Marche.   Il percorso si può…

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San Severino Marche

Biglietto unico San Severino Marche Musei

Biglietto di ingresso al Polo Museale Unico del Comune di San Severino Marche, valido per l'ingresso a:  - Teatro Feronia…

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San Severino Marche

Sulle tracce di Severino da San Severino, cercatore di tesori

Si racconta che nel XVII secolo, una persona del posto vagabondò per il borgo di San Severino alla ricerca di…